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Meyer Organics' products are developed by a team of highly qualified pharmacists and medical consultants in collaboration with OMEGA - MEYER LTD. Jersey, UK and our Global Partners VITABIOTICS.

Each is based on proven clinical research evidence, published in peer reviewed, international journals. MOPL has always been the first to recognize that certain nutrients have a far greater and deeper clinical significance than was ever before imagined.

Ingredients are carefully balanced to maximize their combined effect. This synergistic interaction of vitamins and minerals bring outstanding results, without the need for excessive levels in the formulations. With certain brand leaders in the Indian market, MOPL is one of the fastest growing companies in the Indian nutraceutical market.

Meyer has three separate divisions to handle it's wide range of pharmaceutical products.

Our export department offers years of experience in developing strategic international partnerships.

Meyer Organics has a full regulatory affairs department, responsible for pharmaceutical export registrations world-wide.


Corporate Profile

Calcium Supplements Anticold & Antipyretic Haematinic Constipation
Calcimax 500 Congestyl Syrup Feroglobin Hb Liquid Lactihusk
Calcimax Forte Congestyl Tablets    
Calcimax+ Suspension Fevril Susp. Thyroid Disorders  
Calcimax P Suspension Fevril DS Thyropace
Calcimax 250 Fevril Tab
Calcimax OP+      
General Wellbeing Obesity Management & Weight Management Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Immune Booster & Multivitamin
Wellwoman Reeshape Pregnasafe Immunace Liquid
Mecofol A Reeshape 60   Mim Z Drops
Gericare Reshape Slim   Mim Z Capsules
Protein Supplement Anti-infective Menopause & Post Menopausal Osteoporosis Metabolic Disorders
Protinvit PL Uvex 500 Menopace ISO Metabolis
  Candifem Tablets Menopace  
  Candifem Cream  Calcimax ISO  
  Candimale Cream    
Gynaecological Urologist Paediatrics Physicians
Ovacare Tablets Oligocare Forte Tablets Kidicare Plus Syrup Diabetone PN Tablets
Oligocare Tablets Prulin Tablets Kidicare Drops Goldcare Tablets
Pregnacare Z Tablets Ultimale Tablets Kidicare Pro Visionace Tablets
Pregnacare Forte+ Capsules   Colicaid EZ Drops
Calciflavone Tablets   Colicaid Syrup  
Premence Tablets   Babygesic Drops/Susp.  
Pregnacream   Cofaid Syrup  
PPH   Zithrocare 100 Susp  
Ovacare Forte   Zithrocare 200 Susp  
Ultra D3   Osteocare Suspension  
Ultra D3 Forte      
General Practitioner      
Diabetone Tablets      
Mimorange L Syrup      
Allpain P Tablets      
Zithrocare 250 Tablets      
Zithrocare 500 Tablets      
Gastro Range General Wellbeing Immune Booster Hepatoproectants
Gastracid Liquid Wellman Immunace Liveril Tabs
Gastrazole D   Immunace Forte Liveril Suspension
Gastrazole Tabs     Liveril Forte
Gastrazole Plus    
Muscle Relaxant Pain Management Joint & Mobility Osteporosis Management
Neorelax 4 Ugesic Tab Jointace DN Calcimax K2
Neorelax 8   Jointace DN Super  
Neorelax A 4   Jointace Forte  
Neorelax A 8   Jointace Tabs
Neorelax MR   Jointace OD  
Neorelax MR 8   Jointace+ Gel  
Obesity Management Wound Healing Management    
Orlishape 120 Zymogesic    
Orlishape 60 Zymogesic DS    
Maxiderm RF      
Eau De' Naturale      
Wingora Spray      

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